Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing until July 20, 2022.  Labels with your child's name will also be included. 


Included in your kit:


1 plastic pencil box (no zipper closures)

10 sharpened HB pencils (pre-sharpened & made in Canada)

6 white erasers (not pink)

1 bottle white glue

8 large glue sticks (or 15 small glue sticks)

2 packages of 24 wax crayons (not one 48 pkg because you only get one black)

1 package of 8-12 markers (not fine tip)

1 small cloth pencil case

1 pencil sharpener (with an enclosed area for collecting sharpenings)

1 pair of child-sized scissors

4 highlighters (not gel)

4 chisel-tip black dry erase markers (Expo preferred - coloured and off brand do not erase well)

3 large ziplock bags

10 snack size ziplock bags

6 plastic* duotangs (1-red, 1-blue, 1-green, 1-black or pink, 1-white/clear, 1-purple)

1 Sheet Lables with Child's Name 







Donalda Grade1&2