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Get inspired with Solo Pro wireless headphones. To deliver sound how you want it, Solo Pro features two listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode. Beats’ Pure ANC gives you the space to create with fully immersive sound, while Transparency mode helps you stay aware of your surroundings. Every detail of Solo Pro has been carefully considered, right down to the intuitive way the headphones turn on and off via folding. The ergonomic design delivers exceptional comfort for extended wear and sleek style. And with up to 22 hours of battery life, you can keep the music going no matter where your day takes you.


• Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) blocks external noise

• Beats’ Pure ANC adapts to external noise and fit while preserving audio quality

• Transparency mode helps you stay aware of your surroundings while listening

• Advanced acoustic system delivers powerful sound with balanced tonality

• Up to 22 hours of listening time (up to 40 hours with ANC and Transparency mode turned off)¹

• Fast Fuel provides 3 hours of playback from a 10-minute charge when battery is low¹

• Auto On/Off when you unfold and fold your headphones

• Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and extended wear

• Seamlessly integrated on-ear controls for music, phone calls, and voice capability

• Enhanced phone call performance and call handling

• Class 1 Bluetooth® for extended range and fewer dropouts

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones

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