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  • UNIVERSAL SCREEN PROTECTION .... SMART PHONE, TABLET, LAPTOP OR SMARTWATCH SCREEN: Guard every single phone or tablet screen you own with our innovative liquid Nano technology, no matter the brand. Yes, it works with Apple Watch and I-Phones, Samsung, Sony, Kindle, All of them. Use it on camera screens and lenses, too. One package protects up to 17 inches of screen surface.
  • FORMS DURABLE BARRIER FOR EFFECTIVE SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Liquid glass solution creates a tough, bonded layer of invisible protection on glass screens from edge-to-edge, making them impervious to water drops and normal wear and tear scratches. It’ll protect for up to 12 months.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL FORMULA REPELS 99.9 PERCENT OF BACTERIA AND RADIATION IS CUT BY 90 PERCENT: Defend your screen against almost every bacteria particle. They won’t penetrate the barrier. Recent studies may indicate prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation as a link to cancer. Protect yourself with this radiation-reducing treatment.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Clean your screen first with the included alcohol wipe and dry with a microfiber cloth. Next, in a circular motion, wipe the screen with the pre-treated swab. Wait 5 minutes and polish the screen with the cloth. In 1 more minute, your phone or tablet is ready for use. It’ll fully cure within 48 hours with no bubbles.
  • ENGINEERED FROM CUTTING-EDGE NANO TECHNOLOGY: Scientists have discovered the protective powers of liquid glass and this technology is exploding in its applications. The root compound in our innovative products is SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), made in Germany. Our liquid glass protector forms an ultra-thin invisible layer to protect against water and scratching. It is Nano, so it is 5000 times thinner than human hair; Buy it now for ultimate screen protection

CrystalTech Liquid Glass Screen Protector

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